The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) covers many different initiatives and procedures that take into account the company’s strategy, including those based on social interests or environmental issues. Our company also includes this idea in its activities: by supporting the more vulnerable members of our society, sports and ecology. Among others, we support orphanages, charity campaigns, help develop handball and football players’ talents. What’s more, the renovation methods we use are safe for the environment. We are not doing this for PR – but to reach the balance among efficiency, profitability and social benefit. In our company, everyone can propose another initiative, the management is open to employees’ ideas. We understand that by sharing good, we multiply good. We run real actions, and our words are confirmed by deeds.



Sport is not only a physical activity, competitions, leaderboards… Sport means fair play, shaping both physical strength and character… Among our employees there are people practicing various sports, that’s why we know very well how important this aspect is in our lives. We have been associated with sport for many years also by the fact that we have already supported, among others, handball players of the first league team Pogoń Szczecin, and currently we are the titular sponsor of second league handball team from Gryfino. We strive to help not only these professional players, but also amateur athletes operating in the region.



Caring for our environment is one of the most important goals in our strategy. In the area of our activity, we operate so as not to generate a negative impact on the surroundings and the environment. When dealing with trenchless renovation, we use the latest technologies – their impact on the environment is negligible compared to traditional solutions. As a result of our work, renovated underground infrastructure remains operational and water-tight for many years. We act according to the highest standards by equipping the machine park with the latest generation machines, low emission and meeting the highest environmental standards.



We have no control over where and when we are born, and a lot depends on others in our lives. As a leader in the trenchless renovation industry, we undertake difficult and demanding projects, but we do not forget that ordinary life goes on next door and there are people in need of help around. We see these needs and try to respond to them, supporting those we can support.


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