We are slowly approaching the end of the trenchless renovation of the sewage network executed as a part of the project entitled “Organizing the water and sewage management system in the area of ​​the Town and Commune of Muszyna.” We use close-fit pipes (Compact Pipe and Omega Liner). The project involves the renovation and replacement of sections of the network, with connections, in Muszyna and nearby towns. The total length of the renovated network: about 21 km. Local sewage company opted for trenchless technologies because these methods do not cause too many problems to both the local community and tourists.

About 30 people are involved in the project. The equipment used includes Compact Pipe pipe assembly kit, Omega Liner assembly kit, jetting vehicles, cameras and mills. Currently, the project’s advancement level is at 70%.
The project is executed by a joint venture of BLEJKAN S.A. (leader), Terlan sp.z o.o. and Infra S.A. (partners). The contract value is over 15.7 million PLN gross. Period of execution of this project was set between July 16, 2017 and December 31, 2019.

Period of project execution: 2017-2019
Investor: local sewage company
Technologies: close-fit pipes

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